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Update History


  • Map pool updated for new season: Abyssal Reef, Acolyte, Ascension to Aiur, Catallena, Interloper, Mech Depot, Odyssey


  • Map pool updated for new season: Abyssal Reef, Ascension to Aiur, Blood Boil, Defenders Landing, Odyssey, Proxima Station, Sequencer


  • Map pool updated for new season: Abyssal Reef, Bel'Shir Vestige, Newkirk Precinct, Paladino Terminal, Proxima Station, Cactus Valley, Honorgrounds
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New maps added to pool: Daybreak, Echo, Habitation Station, Newkirk Precinct, Overgrowth, Vaani Research Station, Whirlwind
  • Minor bug fixes


  • New maps added to pool: Dasan Station, Frost, Galactic Process, New Gettysburg
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed Auto Cam centering issue
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Add floating icons above units, structures, and upgrades while they are in progress


  • Fix cinematic minimap
  • Various bug fixes and visual improvements


  • Bug fixes on LotV version, more fixes coming


  • "1v1 Obs LotV" released (Ulrena)


  • New maps added to pool: Cactus Valley, Coda, Echo, Iron Fortress


  • New maps added to pool: Crooked Maw (2v2), Katherine Square (2v2)


  • New maps added to pool: Expedition Lost, Infernal Pools, Secret Spring, Vaani Research Station


  • New maps (re-)added to pool: Akilon Wastes, Cloud Kingdom, Daybreak, Metalopolis, Ohana, Shakuras Plateau, Xel'Naga Caverns


  • New maps added to pool: Catallena, Deadwing, Foxtrot, Nimbus


  • New maps added to pool: Merry Go Round, Overgrowth, King Sejong Station, Waystation


  • New maps added to pool: Alterzim Stronghold, Heavy Rain, Habitation Station, Daedalus Point


  • New maps added to pool: Whirlwind, Yeonsu, Polar Night, Frost, Derelict Watcher


  • When switching between player POV, structure vision is now correctly conveyed
  • "Player will be revealed" mechanic now correctly conveys structure visibility
  • Units that carry other units are now viewable/selectable as other units (previous workaround fixed)
  • Giant Mutalisk, Mighty MULE, and Mothership Core added as Advanced Avatars


  • Added Ohana and Boneyard to HotS map pool
  • Published "2v2 Obs Hots" for 2v2 maps
  • Fixed issue where purchaed Oracle avatar was not selectable
  • Match players may now vote to kick observers via Ctrl+K


  • Added Bel'Shir Vestige to map pool


  • Added Akilon Wastes, Red City, Star Station, Cloud Kingdom to map pool
  • Re-published maps on EU due to player demand


  • Added new Blizzard Observer UI panels ("Structures", for example)
  • Fixed an issue where typing certain characters caused chat to display incorrectly
  • Fixed issue where Overlord speed was not reset between matches
  • Fixed issue where Vehicle Plating was not reset betwee matches
  • Fixed issue where player profile rollover did not report win/loss ratio
  • Fixed issue where destructible debris did not appear near ramps
  • Fixed issue where camera could scroll beyond the normal bounds of the map


  • WoL Map of the Day: Fixed issue where Social Bnet interface was not available


  • HotS/WoL: Various aesthetic improvements
  • WoL: Removed Antiga Shipyard, Dual Sight, and Korhal Compound from map pool


  • HotS: Fixed minimap terrain issue + research resets


  • WoL: Various fixes bugs introduced with patch 2.0.4


  • WoL: Whirlwind and Akilon Flats added to map pool


  • HotS BETA: Fixed issue on minimap where terrain was not visible
  • WoL: Improved bank security
  • Both: Fixed issue with invisible faceoff actors before first match


  • Initial Hots BETA version released for testing


  • Added custom music to faceoff


  • Abyssal City added to map pool
  • Vicious removed from map pool
  • Various aesthetic improvements on Faceoff
  • Neutral supply depots added to Metropolis
  • Close-by-ground spawns disabled on Entombed Valley
  • Type "ggs" to surrender silently (in case of opponent BM, for example)

8/9/12 (Patch 1.5 fixes)

  • Fixed an issue where spectators could cause certain units to dance and cheer, interrupting their normal behavior
  • Blizzard UI now displays Production panel by default

8/5/12 (Patch 1.5 fixes)

  • Fixed an issue where health bars disappeared in Cinematic Mode
  • Fixed an issue where minimap disappeared in Cinematic Mode
  • Fixed an issue where Blizzard UI was not being displayed correctly
  • Added hotkeys to open/close individual Blizzard UI panels
  • Removed tutorial at beginning of game since there are instruction pages in Arcade now
  • Added chat commands ".ignore [PlayerNum]" and ".unignore [PlayerNum]" to ignore/unignore a specific player's chat messages


  • "You will be revealed" mechanic improved such that only buildings have shared vision instead of all units
  • Fixed a bug where cloaked units were not actually cloaked after Reveal mechanic was triggered in previous match
  • Name panel will now correctly display the match number
  • Fixed a bug where clicking avatar too quickly asks if you want to join a team with yourself
  • Bet window now disappears immediately after making a bet (used to be on 2 second delay)
  • Fixed issue where Marauder grenades had Area of Effect (as in the Campaign)
  • Win/loss ratios in player profiles now display as "wins-losses" instead of "wins/total"
  • Removed HP bars from symbols/decals


  • Match players can no longer access the Kick Player dialog via hotkey
  • Pressing spacebar after match start will now return a match player to the Start Location
  • Kicking a player now requires only 4 votes or majority of players, whichever is less
  • "Instant jump" auto cam modes will now pan for any events within 20 radius (was 10); should prevent jitters during battles
  • Peepmode controls now remain hidden in subsequent matches if player hides them with Ctrl + Alt + E
  • Turf markers will now wander around their spawn point
  • Turf markers are no longer visible beneath fog of war
  • Turf makers now spawn at the very beginning of the markers outside your base at your own risk (reveals your location without enemy actually entering your base if you place a market at your natural, for example)
  • Pets are now tinted to match the player color
  • Shape-based Turf Markers (such as the Star and Smiley Face) are now tinted to match the player color
  • 15 new avatars added based on Wings of Liberty campaign heroes
  • 15 Turf Symbols added (new type of Bling): large player-colored decals for placing on the ground
  • New maps: Metropolis and Ohana
  • Map removed: Shattered Temple


  • New name panel by HanzoSC2 (highly customizable via Options)
  • New maps: Daybreak, Entombed Valley, Korhal Compound
  • Gold minerals replaced with normal minerals on Metalopolis
  • Option dialogs have been organized into separate "tabs"
  • Avatars UI has been condensed and simplified into a page-based system
  • New standard avatar: Probe
  • New avatar for sale: Phoenix
  • New personal option: hide Fair Message Log during play
  • Added Anion Pulse-Crystals (new Phoenix range upgrade) to Upgrade panels
  • Chatting only whitespace will no longer prompt a chat message
  • "APM" is now "EPM"
  • Observer UI is now translucent in Cinematic Mode
  • You can no longer cash your chips through the Store while betting
  • Command Centers and Orbitals added to list of units that de-activate alliance features when selected (to prevent exploit)
  • Blizz UI now hugs top of screen when in full-screen mode (Ctrl + Alt + E)
  • Pets are now respawned when killed by observer multi-click
  • Removed chip icons from victory screens


  • Fixed issue where system would spam "Player will be revealed in 25 seconds"
  • Fixed issue that allowed observers to unload Nydus worms
  • Fixed issue where win streak counter would not be reset if disconnected from a game
  • Commentators will no longer see the dashboard in upper-right of Faceoff
  • Fixed issue where average APM was inaccurate during first 90 seconds of a match
  • Match players can now see each others chat during FFA
  • Kick vote reduced from two-thirds majority to simple majority
  • Match players can now vote to kick by using Ctrl+K
  • Match players are now shown system kick vote messages
  • F8 and F9 are now disabled for match players
  • Avatars hotkey is once again F8
  • Ctrl+F9 added for Personal Options


  • Added advanced camera controls (see Help > Hotkeys)
  • High templar should no longer storm self on faceoff
  • If no one bets against you, you now stand to lose or gain 30% of your bet
  • Added hotkey for kick player window (Ctrl + K)
  • Changed Avatars window hotkey to Ctrl + F8 to free up F8 for player use
  • Basic personal stats ("dashbaord") added to upper-right of Faceoff
  • New Auto Cam styles: Slow Rotation, Medium Rotation
  • "You will be revealed" mechanic built int
  • * Revealing in PeepMode involves sharing vision of all units, not just structure visibility under fog of war
  • Added hotkey to hide PeepMode UI in upper-left (Ctrl-Alt-E)
  • Added hotkeys to switch between auto cam styles (Ctrl-Shift-1, Ctrl-Shift-2, etc)
  • Structure panel's hotkey is now Alt+Y (was Alt+T)
  • Various aesthetic improvements


  • Chips are now automatically cashed when you leave the game
  • Removed Cash My Chips button from victory screen
  • Hotkey labels for zoom in / out are now correct
  • Avatar and Options dialogs no longer remove Blizz UI or Match Log when opened
  • Random Angle style Auto Cam now has a max rotation step of 45 degrees
  • Fixed issue that could cause a Faceoff to bug out
  • Fixed issue where player who left a match did not receive a loss in their record
  • "Player is victorious" is now color of winner
  • Fixed issue where color swap could cause a player to become white
  • Fixed issue where a bet placed at very end of match carried over to next match
  • Updated in-game Help system
  • Other aesthetic improvements


  • Players who are not picked up by the engine (Alt-tabbed, for example) will now be removed from the game
  • Open/close betting checkbox moved to Personal Options
  • Betting will no longer automatically open if a Quick panel is open
  • Fixed issue with game clock minutes displaying incorrectly
  • Improved the look of the Options dialog
  • Baneling will no longer annihilate special Avatars on faceoff
  • Removed votable option "Disable camera zooming" since it was used infrequently
  • Added player color schemes as votable option; default is Red vs Blue
  • Added Auto Cam Style under Personal Options
  • New Auto Cam Styles: Instant Jump, Random Angle (in addition to standard Smooth Pan)
  • Exploration of map now hidden during faceoffs
  • Number of wins are indicated above crown in faceoff if > 1
  • Message Log content is now hidden to eliminate players eavesdropping on observer chat
  • Sentry hallucinations now attack opponents on faceoff
  • Background added to Cinematic Mode minimap clock
  • Several dialogs now opaque to improve readability
  • Added total match count to leaderboard
  • Basic voting changes no longer announced in chat
  • Creep tumors no longer count as structures when player is defeated via razing
  • Pets will now glow instead of having a halo (some gfx cards couldn't handle)
  • Betting window has been simplified/minified and more detail added in rollovers
  • Neutral units such as statues no longer selectable during faceoff
  • Interceptors no longer included in Auto Cam unit groups
  • Cloud Kingdom added to map pool


  • Fixed issue where observers could unload bunkers and other unit-carrying units
  • * Note: when an observer selects a unit, the observer will lose vision of click indicators, waypoints, etc until a non-unit-carrying unit is selected


  • Overall game clock in Leaderboard will now match UI color
  • Ally color settings now unlocked for match players
  • Fixed issue with less than symbols in whispers
  • Fixed issue where "Match Countdown:" label persisted through VS screen
  • Widened the chat area
  • Added translucent background to Advanced Resource panel
  • If a player leaves during a match after placing a bet, the bet is now removed from the Pot
  • Supply will no longer be yellow if a player is maxed out at 200
  • Fixed issue where Avatars buttons were faded out after a match
  • Added Team Liquid and Reddit to Name panel logo cycle
  • Observer chat pings are no longer heard by match players


  • Fixed issue where Leaderboard was not updated after player cashed chips
  • Structure text tag duration is now 50 (was 75)
  • Fixed issue where average APM was inaccurate
  • Fixed issue where Avatars menu was disabled for some users
  • Floating match clock in Cinematic Mode now matches race UI color
  • Changed "Chips earned" to "Chips cashed" in player profiles, reset to 0 (doesn't affect Balances)
  • Added ability to whisper to other players (chat "@[PlayerID] [message]")
  • Enlarged Chat Log
  • Updated Help
  • All votes are now announced via chat
  • Hours will now display in timers (1:20:05 instead of 80:05)
  • "Less than symbol" now appears in chat (via custom image)
  • Aesthetic improvements
  • Added League pulldown to "I Want to Play" dialog


  • Increased chat text timeout from 12 seconds to 15 seconds
  • Fixed max supply > 200 for zerg in Resource panel
  • Fixed issue with Structure and Upgrade panel titles
  • King of last match now immediately given crown on following faceoff
  • Log Status checkbox no longer stays onscreen during Cinematic Mode
  • Moved Cinematic Mode minimap X button over the Ping button
  • Fixed issue with Match History events not refreshing properly
  • UI sounds now unmuted for observers (use hotkeys for silent interaction)


  • /cheer and /dance have been disabled
  • Multi-vote-kick issue fixed
  • Explosions at endmatch removed to improve performance


  • Fixed issue where creep would show up during faceoff
  • Reduced effects at end of matches to improve performance
  • Fixed an issue with Leaderboard where incorrect values showed up after a player left
  • Vision of neutral untis no longer shared during faceoffs
  • Map units (such as statues) no longer included in Auto Cam unit groups


  • Fixed an issue where errors were displayed when many chat messages were being created
  • Fixed an issue where players who had left the game showed up in the Blizzard UI
  • Fixed an issue with chat log player filters
  • Text hearts now replaced with heart icon
  • Army production log events now disabled 10 minutes into match (for performance reasons)
  • Improved performance for players with slower machines/bandwidth


  • Added simplified Avatar selection and tutorial screen
  • Added Personal Option "Advanced Avatar selection" to return to previous functionality
  • Added ability to kick players
  • Resource Panel stays onscreen when other right-side dialogs are brought up
  • Removed Unit Death as an event type in the Match Log (was causing lag)
  • Added Map Analysis overlay in Metalopolis


  • Fixed an issue where match player who exited game during match would show up in following Faceoff
  • Increased speed of Auto Cam pans
  • Workers no longer included in Auto Cam unit groups
  • Increased speed of end-match animations
  • Observers will no longer hear alerts such as "Your ally's base is under attack"
  • Fixed an issue where Blizzard UI was showing a player who had left the game
  • Added more detail to tooltips on Upgrades panel
  • Basic UI configuration is now saved between games
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Game no longer bugs out if a selected player leaves before match begins
  • Spawned townhalls will now show player's normal decal
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Commentator Mode added (Host chooses Democratic [default] or Commentator in Lobby and assigns Commentators)
  • Commentators vote on who plays next match if in Commentator Mode
  • Virtual Pen (Alt + P, Alt + O to erase) added for Commentators
  • Map Overlay (Alt + Y) added for Commentators (townhalls shown as icons; draw on map with pen)
  • Observers now see Control Groups of currently selected player (does not support structure/army mix due to Blizzard alliance quirk...will try to correct)
  • Observers now see waypoints, selection halos, and click indicators of players
  • Observers can now click on a structure to see what it is producing
  • Resource Panel now looks more like standard replays by default; switch to Advanced mode in Personal Options
  • Name Panel and other in-match tools now sort players by spawn location (left to right, top to bottom)
  • Fullscreen Mode (Alt + E) now keeps the Name Panel on-screen
  • Observer minimap pings now permanently disabled; corresponding votable option removed
  • Removed "Buy Upgrades" button from Leaderboard; can be found in Player Bling only
  • Added ".cheer" command during Faceoffs (make your Avatar cheer if available on model)
  • Player chat is now shared with enemy during 1v1 matches
  • Other tweaks / enhancements


  • Changed wording from "Teams" to "Avatars" in UI for 1v1/FFA maps
  • Minor bug fixes


  • Fixed issue with close spawn on Metalopolis
  • Fixed issue with match log display
  • Fixed aesthetic issue with Structures panel; other small panel tweaks
  • Various other improvements/fixes


  • Dual Sight added to map pool
  • Real-Time Stats is now minimized by default; icon changed to mineral image
  • New hotkey: Alt-E for fullscreen mode
  • New votable option: Player Select Mode; default is King vs Least Played
  • Fixed issue with log reporting deaths when morphing a unit
  • Sonas-style rating system has replaced old percentage win system; all players start at 400; min is 10; max is 5000
  • * There was a bug with old system; all matches observed counted as played; delete PeepMode.SC2Bank to start over if your current percentages bother you
  • Personal options have been moved to their own window (via button on main Options window)
  • Personal options now save between games
  • Removed "Keep My Chips" button from Victory screen (was redundant)
  • Added Rating change indicators to Victory screen; removed crowns/races
  • Added secondary Cinematic Button next to minimap
  • Neutral supply depots no longer appear raised under fog of war
  • Team Restrictions UI disabled on maps not supporting 2v2
  • Smoother/simpler fade-in for players at beginning of match
  • Duration of Faceoff mini-battles shortened slightly; Faceoff performance improvement
  • Other minor changes/fixes